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Please read the rules before submitting to the group!

This is a group created to showcase the adventurous and romantic aspects of the Damsel in Distress genre. There are numerous groups already in existence for the rougher side of things; we felt there should be one focusing more on fun! We would like to meet other people who feel as we do, who feel a story or artwork of a damsel bound and gagged and perhaps placed in a perilous situation can actually be a fun experience for all involved, without anyone actually getting hurt. If you feel that way, we invite you to join our group and contribute your works.

If your submission is declined, you will be told why. Please don’t let it stop you from submitting other works. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Submission Rules (Please read before submitting)

Join Requests

We will only accept new numbers who actually have deviations in their galleries that meet the group rules. Of course, EVERYONE is welcome to watch the group and we hope you will enjoy seeing the art/literature on offer.

Three submissions per day.
Please submit to the correct folder and be aware that any submissions that are declined will count towards that limit. This will be subject to review as the group grows.

Types of art accepted.
Artwork must follow the Damsel in Distress theme (though we will also consider Couples in Distress). We will accept stories/poems (which must be properly formatted and without excessive grammatical/spelling errors) and drawings, whether traditional or digital media. If submitting a story/comic in chapters, we will only accept the chapters in which DiD plays a central role. Artwork created in such programs as Poser will be accepted if they follow the theme. Please give credit if using stock/references. No photography/film, screenshots from Second Life or similar.

Submissions must be from your own gallery and be your own work.
We do not accept submissions that were created for you by someone else. Please only submit work that was created by yourself and is displayed in your own gallery.

No overtly sexual situations.
A certain amount of suggestive dialogue or risqué clothing is acceptable, but there cannot be any nudity, semi nudity (including underwear, bikinis or similar and see through/revealing clothing such as negligees/baby doll nighties). Neither do we accept sexual acts, including sexual ties like crotch ropes, neck restraints, etc. This also extends to damsels being touched up or other sexual humiliation; we're just not that type of group. We are aware that some people will use a mature tag purely because it is a DiD based story, which we will accept but would prefer that submissions are tagged for 'ideological sensitive material'. Inappropriate tags may result in your work being declined.

No underage damsels.
While we accept fan art; all damsels whether real or imaginary must be at least 18 years old. We cannot accept fan art with damsels that have been aged up or aged down to look like young girls when they actually in their 30s+ (in accordance to deviantART rules).

No excessive violence/swearing.
Please keep the violence to a minimum. The damsel may face a perilous situation but may not actually come to any harm. Also, while cliff-hanger endings are acceptable, we would prefer that readers are not left with the impression that escape or rescue is basically impossible.

No flaming/trolling etc.
Please keep your comments constructive and civil.

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The Damsel's Dozen
Themed - Halloween

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:skull: Happy Halloween! :skull:

Our members have been getting into the Halloween spirit, as shown by these excellent group submissions we’d like to share with everyone!

In the order received, we have:

A country boy meets a girl in an alien costume… or is she?

The Damsel From Mars!“Happy Halloween, handsome!  You got a sweet trick-or-treat for this naughty ninja… Zeb!  What’s wrong?”
“Dixie, you ain’t gonna believe this, but I captured me a for-real outer space alien!”
“You’re right, I don’t believe it,” Dixie agreed.  “What’s going on, Zeb?”
“She’s from Mars, I reckon,” Zeb explained.  “Seeing as how she’s all green, even her clothes.  And she’s got these antennas sticking up out of her head, like a bug.  I reckon she uses them to emit hypno-rays or something to enslave humans so’s she and her alien friends can take over the Earth!”
“Zeb, don’t you remember that hypnotist show we saw?  He said you couldn’t hypnotize nobody against their will.”
“Well, maybe humans can’t, but she’s an alien, so it’s different.”
“Why don’t you show me
by :icondavid-presents:


Halloween partygoers go to extreme lengths to win a costume completion!

DC Costume ContestHelena Gordon, an attractive 28 year old woman with long, auburn hair, was eating a turkey sub in the office break room with her friend Kyra Lane, and equally attractive, 28 year old woman with shoulder length, blonde hair.
“Are you doing anything for Halloween?” Helena asked her friend who was nursing a cup of tea.
“Not really. I’m just going to stay home and pass out candy.” Kyra replied, taking a sip of tea.
“What about the office Halloween party? You’re going to that, right?”
“I hadn’t really planned on going.”
Kyra was really quiet and reserved girl and Helena was determined to get her friend out of her shell.
“Oh come on, Kyra. You have to go. It will be fun. There’s going to be music, games, and don’t forget the costume contest. This year it’s to day passes to the Starlight Spa, the most luxurious spa in the city.”
“Did someone say spa?”
Helena and Krya turned towards the
by :iconsliferred123:


A collection of four very short stories with Halloween themes.

Halloween Drabble 2014Halloween Drabble 2014
The Witch’s  Brew
Selina, a young witch, was in the middle of the forest tied to a tree by tree’s very roots and its branches were wrapped around her mouth, silencing her. A few yards away in a clearing was Aurora, an ugly, elderly witch with long grey hair, a crooked nose and whose face was ravaged by time, who was stirring a bubbling cauldron of green liquid.
“Soon, my pretty, soon my brew will be ready. Once I put you in cauldron the rejuvenating potion will be complete. I will be beautiful again.”
Selina struggled against her bonds as Aurora cackled wildly.
Trick or Treat
Abigail Adams, a young house wife, was duct taped to a chair with a piece of tape slapped over her mouth while two boys, one was dressed as ninja, the other a bed sheet ghost, raided her house.
“There’s no candy in the entire house. What kind of psycho gives fruit instead of candy during Halloween?” The ninja demanded. Abigail trie
also by :iconsliferred123:


A young woman has a couple surprises as she makes preparations for a Halloween party.

Haunted Halloween“Come on Steffi, you’ll enjoy it if you give it a chance!”
“I told you already, I’m not interested!”
“Please Steffi; Todd Cooper is coming and he specifically asked if you would be there before accepting his invitation.”
“Todd asked if I’d be there?  I thought he didn’t want to have anything to do with me anymore.”
“Maybe he’s realised you were good for him; you know he split up from Charlene last week?  Apparently ‘he made a mistake’.  He might just have realised he shouldn’t have cheated on you.”
“Perhaps, but who says I want him back after what he did.”
“Then come and show him you’re the bigger person.  Please, Steffi, will you come to the party?”
“Oh, okay.”
“Great!  I’ve rented the old Adamson place on Winchester Avenue.  It’s supposed to be haunted so it should give us a great atmosphe
by :iconcreated-by-caz:


A mother and daughter have a supernatural encounter during World War II.

Spirits in the NightThe cold October wind blowing over the heather covered land didn’t seem to be bothering Agnes one bit – although that may have more to do with the multiple  layers she had on under her father’s great coat than her upbringing around the town of Pitlochry.  With her father away fighting, it had fallen to the twenty one year old to manage the sheep on their small farm, while her mother dealt with the vegetables they grew to sell at the local market.
Looking out over the hills, she smiled as she thought once more about how lucky she was.  In the bright sunlight, the hills looked so peaceful, a million miles away from the war she heard about on the radio.
“Agnes!  Agnes McLaughlin!!”
She turned and smiled as she saw Charlie walking over the fields towards her, taking care to not put too much pressure on his bad leg.  He had been flown back from Africa after his injury, with the grateful thanks of a monarch, and was now helping his famil
by :iconkp-presents:

A new superheroine meets a new villain.

Freaky Friday NightRachel grinned as she finally finished unpacking her things in her new Steel City apartment.  She thought about how this would be a new start for her and her alter ego of Shoukan.  Another couple of weeks and she would have Jade and Hizuka as neighbours and she would be working with her FBI handler and boyfriend to run their cover company Gemstone Security Services.  Hizuka would be helping them in between the Martial Arts school Jade and their Sensei was setting up.  Rachel grinned at that, Jade’s idea was not without merit she guess but teaching self-defence would not stop all crimes.
She looked at the clock and quickly got cleaned up and changed before heading down to meet her boyfriend for their evening out. She had decided to try wearing a new short black dress and matching boots, her red highlights were freshly done and she felt good. She grinned at herself in the mirror and left for the evening…
Rachel shook her head groggily and coughed as she re
by :iconpablodiablo316:


Thank you to everyone who participated.  We enjoyed your entries very much!
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David-presents Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
The Damsels Dozen is a perpetual challenge run by the group.  Looking for a bit of inspiration?  We invite you to peruse this list:

1.   A clever escape
2.   A daring rescue
3.   Things aren't quite what they seem
4.   Lost and found
5.   Turning the tables
6.   A sticky situation
7.   Fun and games
8.   Revenge
9.   On vacation
10. Caught in the act
11. Obsession
12. Non-human damsel

More information can be found in the group journal.  Any questions can be directed in a comment or note to the group.
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boundbymywords Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Hello!  I wanted to submit a Lara Croft fan-fiction to the group, but I wasn't sure if it broke the rules of submission or not.  My story is here:…

The only part that makes me think it might be rejected is at the end of the first scene.  Could you please let me know if it would be accepted if I submitted here?  Thanks! :)
Created-By-Caz Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2013  Hobbyist Writer

I'm afraid we wouldn't be able to accept this story.  To start with, if a story needs a tag warning of nudity, violence, gore and strong language, we would automatically decline it.  Having looked at the beginning of the story, your mention of a battered and bruised damsel was enough to convince me that, even without the mature tag, this would not be suitable for the group. 


boundbymywords Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Technically the first scene is a nightmare Lara is having, but I can understand if that would still be inappropriate.  Also, I forgot to take the warning tag off.  Most of my work is mature, but this one is meant to be a little more light-hearted.  There is no gore, strong language, or nudity.  The only thing that might be considered violent is the part where the antagonist is about to stab Lara, but that's when she awakes from the dream.  But if that is still inappropriate I can understand.  Thank you for taking the time to reply! :)
Created-By-Caz Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Even though it was a dream, the level of the violence would have been inappropriate.  Also, reading down further, there is a scene with Lara in a bikini - this would also break our rules on nudity/partial nudity as unfortunately, since we don't allow underwear, we also had to include bikinis to stop members from trying to bypass the rules.  A shame, but we set up the group to show that DiD could be enjoyed for it's fun, adventurous, romantic side without the need for pain, humiliation, nudity, panty shots, etc and so have to try to enforce the rules fairly to all.
(1 Reply)
Wright805 Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
An interesting group you have here. One thing I'd like to point out though is you need to do something about the submission rules. The words extend outside the borders and there's no scroll bar so it's hard to make out what the sentences say.
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