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Please read the rules before submitting to the group!

This is a group created to showcase the adventurous and romantic aspects of the Damsel in Distress genre. There are numerous groups already in existence for the rougher side of things; we felt there should be one focusing more on fun! We would like to meet other people who feel as we do, who feel a story or artwork of a damsel bound and gagged and perhaps placed in a perilous situation can actually be a fun experience for all involved, without anyone actually getting hurt. If you feel that way, we invite you to join our group and contribute your works.

If your submission is declined, you will be told why. Please don’t let it stop you from submitting other works. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Submission Rules (Please read before submitting)

Join Requests

We will only accept new numbers who actually have deviations in their galleries that meet the group rules. Of course, EVERYONE is welcome to watch the group and we hope you will enjoy seeing the art/literature on offer.

Three submissions per day.
Please submit to the correct folder and be aware that any submissions that are declined will count towards that limit. This will be subject to review as the group grows.

Types of art accepted.
Artwork must follow the Damsel in Distress theme (though we will also consider Couples in Distress). We will accept stories/poems (which must be properly formatted and without excessive grammatical/spelling errors) and drawings, whether traditional or digital media. If submitting a story/comic in chapters, we will only accept the chapters in which DiD plays a central role. Artwork created in such programs as Poser will be accepted if they follow the theme. Please give credit if using stock/references. No photography/film, screenshots from Second Life or similar. We happily accept submissions from beginners; however, we will decline any deviation we judge to be too poorly made.

Submissions must be from your own gallery and be your own work.
We do not accept submissions that were created for you by someone else. Please only submit work that was created by yourself and is displayed in your own gallery.

No overtly sexual situations.
A certain amount of suggestive dialogue or risqué clothing is acceptable, but there cannot be any nudity, semi nudity (including underwear, bikinis or similar and see through/revealing clothing such as negligees/baby doll nighties). Neither do we accept sexual acts, including sexual ties like crotch ropes, neck restraints, etc. This also extends to damsels being touched up or other sexual humiliation; we're just not that type of group. We are aware that some people will use a mature tag purely because it is a DiD based story, which we will accept but would prefer that submissions are tagged for 'ideological sensitive material'. Inappropriate tags may result in your work being declined.

No underage damsels.
While we accept fan art; all damsels whether real or imaginary must be at least 18 years old. We cannot accept fan art with damsels that have been aged up or aged down to look like young girls when they actually in their 30s+ (in accordance to deviantART rules).

No excessive violence/swearing.
Please keep the violence to a minimum. The damsel may face a perilous situation but may not actually come to any harm. Also, while cliff-hanger endings are acceptable, we would prefer that readers are not left with the impression that escape or rescue is basically impossible.

No flaming/trolling etc.
Please keep your comments constructive and civil.

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OC Stories
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Character Interviews and Biographies
The Damsel's Dozen

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It is with regret that, after having giving the matter serious thought over the last few months, we have decided to close down :iconclassic-did:.  When we started the group, we wanted to create a place that celebrated the lighter, fun, innocent type of damsel in distress art as there was nothing like it already on deviantART.  Over the last three years, we have seen some wonderful art and read some fantastic stories and it has been a privilege to be able to host your work within our group.

However, we now believe the group has run its course.  We’ve been forced to decline more than half the submissions we have received due to their unsuitability and we've noticed a overall decline in submissions for a while now.  Therefore, it seems like the group is coming to a natural end.

Before we close the group for good, we would first like to draw your attention to the following events:

OC Crossover Bondage Contest 2015Hello and welcome everyone to my third contest! I am honored enough that I can do this for my fellow DA members and I hope this is successful as the last two.
This year's contest has been a long time coming, for it centers around my large collection of Original Characters (OCs)! The theme is my OCs crossed over with a series based damsel (anime, video games, manga, comics, tv, ect.) in bondage.
What you will do:
So what you will be doing is taking one or more of my OCs and either do a picture or a story which they meet someone from a series (ie Naruto, Zelda, Harry Potter, ect.) and end up in some kind of distress peril. Keep in mind that you will be judged on how well the cross over meeting works out, if the people meeting have interesting things in common you are sure to score highly. A good example would my OC Alex meeting Daphne Blake, a bad example would my OC Alex meeting Samus Aran, because why would they meet? So think carefully and be very creative.
All my OCs
by :iconed3765:
2015 artjam is now live!Ok with the most votes is that ppl apparently want to do an art jam based around Jade and Hizuka's wedding, (not a massive surprise tbh lol).
Ok so here is how this is gonna work, more or less same as last years artjam.
1) It starts on 1st March and is going to run until the end of June (so plenty of time to come up with something).
2) For the duration of the artjam all of my OC in the Jade stories are fair use  - no need to ask me; but with the usual rules IE do not break the TOS do not kill them or cripple them or remove their powers apart from say temporary blocking of powers).  And no matter what NO RAPE or underage stuff!
3) If you wish to use someone elses characters in the artjam besides mine and your own, make sure you have permission.
4) Note me or link me the story/picture/poem/whatever when posted and I will add it to an art jam collections folder.
5) at the end of the artjam I will post a journal about it with links to each devaition.
6) The theme is a wedd
by :iconpablodiablo316:
Year of the LibrarianKeep it quiet, you brats!
all right, all right madame, take it easy
Hello, ladies and getlemen, I have an announcment to make. Because this year, its gonna be:
The Year of the Librarians!
I said quiet!
Ehem... anyways, this year will be dedicated to all damsels with a maybe too-short too-tight skirt with glasses and an intellectual look. This might include librarians, secretaries or office ladies!.
So, what are you waiting for? Go get an skirt and some glasses for that lovely OCs of yours, along with some rope, tape, and a nice gag, and get hands to work!. All of this girls might seem busy with all the work at the library, but surely they have more than enough time to get into some bondage for a change!.
All right, thats it, that was my last warning! Now get out of the library!
Ouch, madame please! not the ear! ouch ouch ouch...
by :iconzodiac-did:, with thanks to :iconcaregan: for the head’s up.

And secondly, we would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported the group and we hope you have enjoyed your time with us.  We would like to end with a feature of some of our favourite submissions.  

Vignette - Jessie's bad dayFor Jessie Graham the day had started off perfectly normal. She had gotten up and gone to the garage where she worked as an auto mechanic the same as she did most days. She had arrived to find it just as she had left it the previous night with various cars and motorcycles that she was in the process of repairing. Right now though, things were certainly not “normal,” even for a Witch Knight whose other job was to protect the human and magical worlds from supernatural threats.
Still wearing the coveralls she wore for work, Jessie was laying on the cold, concrete floor with her hands tied behind her back and her ankles and thighs bound together. Additionally her wrists had been tied to her ankles, leaving her in a secure hogtie. It was the second time in her life that she’d been tied up in such a manner and so far it was proving just as hard to get out of as the first one had been due to her maneuverability being practically non-existent. Furthermore a thick rag had been
How Villains Get Their Binding SuppliesStacy, who had wavy brown hair sighed loudly as she stood behind a musty counter which was pretty long and the only thing on it beside her arms was the cash register. Surrounding her was shelving upon shelving of ropes of all different sizes, lengths, materials and colors.
This was supposed to be a hardware store, but it was more of a rope store than anything else despite the few other things they sold like knifes and tape. She glanced down at the magazine behind the counter which was a simple craftsmen magazine which she read enough that she had it memorized. If she wasn't in debt from going to college she would never had taken this boring job but she had to fill her pockets with money somehow.
As she ran her hand against her green shirt and her blue work vest and brushed off some dust from her blue jeans and shuffled her ugg boot clad feet she herd the door bell and looked up to see a rather nicely dressed man enter. He had on a black top hat with a little black cape and wore some da
Bluebell and the Ice FairyHolly Berry Rise is a small hill hidden deep in the woods a good thirty minutes Nymph flight away from Daffoville. It's a foreboding place, even in summer, with gnarled intertwining, oak trees forming an almost impenetrable canopy. In the winter it was even worse, with piles of rotting leaves frozen solid by continual frosts. The temperature, no matter what season, always seemed a good few degrees colder there than anywhere else.
   Yet as winter approached a very special plant grew there; the icicle bell. You humans will never have seen them, because they only grew in areas brimming with magical energy. Indeed they are named after the icicles they very much resemble, light blue blossoms curled into pointed spires hanging downwards. They were a decoration of choice for Nymph households.
   Which was why my close friend, and flatmate, Marigold had travelled there on a freezing winter afternoon, a week before the shortest day of the year. It was afternoon but the sun
Holiday BoundHoliday Bound
Bella Jade had been prepared for a quiet Christmas Eve. It had been a great week--she'd gotten all her Christmas shopping done on time, and her new story had was nominated for a very prestigious literary award in Criminal Fiction.
Though it hadn't all been candy canes and mistletoe, that was for sure. She'd received several letters from something called CHADL, or the Criminal Henchmen Anti-Defamation League. This organization, it seemed, objected to Bella's portrayal of criminal henchmen as 'not terribly intelligent.'  She supposed that would explain the logo, which was a silhouette of a man with a bound and gagged woman slung over his shoulder. She supposed it could've been worse--the logo could have been a young woman tied to the train tracks. That was the only thing she could think of that would be more of a cliche. Talk about 'not terribly intelligent'.
Bella couldn't help but chuckle. 'Not terribly intelligent' was putting it mildly. Most of the criminal henchme
Halloween HijinksHalloween Hijinks
Now as most of you know, Halloween is the time of Werewolves and Vampires! Of Ghosts and Goblins! Of Skeletons and Spooks! It is the time of year for the creepiest of the creepiest to come out and play, and the scare the living daylights out of the humans that roam the unsuspecting streets. But, while things on Halloween seem like the time for scary things, this is the tale of someone who wants to lose such a trait!
In a castle high and tall,
Where ghouls and ghosts are free to thrall,
Lives the Witch who laughs and cackles
Over her cauldron that pops and crackles!
In the cauldron she did throw
The ingredients for her spell to grow.
And in her deprived and darkened game
She decided to call out each by name:
"Eye of newt, wing of bat,
Tear of dog, fur of cat,
Egg of sparrow, pinch of sand,
Who is the fairest in all the land?"
The cauldron spoke in a voice so frail:
"It is you! The wicked witch Gale!
But in a land not too far from here
There is a fairer maiden, a woman
Football Crazy“What do you mean, you’re going to the game this afternoon?”
Sasha stared incredulously at her husband, who had just informed her of his plans for this afternoon.  
“I told you last week that I’d be going with the boys this afternoon.  Why, did you forget?”
“Oh, no, I didn’t forget – I never even knew because you never told me about this!!  Who else is going with you?”
“John, Steve, Alex – the usual gang.  Come on, love, it’s the derby today and you know how much I love watching United beat City.  I’ve had to pay….”
“Pay?  How much did they cost you?  Dave, how much did……….”
Sasha was left standing in the room as Dave dashed out of the door with a call of “See you later.” Silently fuming, she threw herself into an armchair and thought about how her plans for today had just been ruined.
After some time ha
A little more to starboard by Caregan The Robbery 3 by zenturio11 Five Stages of Peril by erikson1 The Great Christmas Rescue In a distant part of Fairyland covered in snow there stood a castle carved entirely from ice. In the Great Hall deep within the castle was a grand throne formed from glittering icicles. Upon the throne sat Jack Frost. His snowy-white face was twisted into a look of fury that made his pointed nose and ears seem even sharper than normal.
Cold icy rage seethed within him as he thought about the human girls Rachel Walker and Kirsty Tate, and how twice now they had ruined his plans. First they had saved the Rainbow Fairies after he had banished them to Rainspell Island, restoring colour and brightness to Fairyland, and then they had stopped his plan to conquer all of Fairyland with an army of snowmen.
Of course in truth Jack had lost control of the snowmen and had them turn on him even before the girls had shown up, but he would never accept responsibility for his own failures when he could blame someone else instead.
Jack’s rage continued to build as those events replayed in hi
Halloween Drabble 2014Halloween Drabble 2014
The Witch’s  Brew
Selina, a young witch, was in the middle of the forest tied to a tree by tree’s very roots and its branches were wrapped around her mouth, silencing her. A few yards away in a clearing was Aurora, an ugly, elderly witch with long grey hair, a crooked nose and whose face was ravaged by time, who was stirring a bubbling cauldron of green liquid.
“Soon, my pretty, soon my brew will be ready. Once I put you in cauldron the rejuvenating potion will be complete. I will be beautiful again.”
Selina struggled against her bonds as Aurora cackled wildly.
Trick or Treat
Abigail Adams, a young house wife, was duct taped to a chair with a piece of tape slapped over her mouth while two boys, one was dressed as ninja, the other a bed sheet ghost, raided her house.
“There’s no candy in the entire house. What kind of psycho gives fruit instead of candy during Halloween?” The ninja demanded. Abigail trie
Rosie's Charleston CaperIt’s amazing how prohibiting something automatically makes people want to try it. Take alcohol for instance. Before 1920 barely anyone from high society wanted to touch the stuff, as it was seen as the tipple of thieves and vagrants. The moment Prohibition came into force suddenly everyone wanted a taste. Moreover people wanted to be seen drinking. A visit to a Speakeasy was seen as an act of rebellion; of not giving a damn about what the establishment thought of you.
    Never before had there been a better time to be young.
   My name is Rosie Malone, and I turned nineteen in the summer of 1923. I was the daughter of a wealthy Wall Street stockbroker; expected to mind my manners, prepare to be engaged to by a wealthy young fellow and stay out of trouble. But I became enamoured by the playground that was New York in the roaring twenties. At no other time had the youth of America experienced liberation like this, and I intended to be right at the heart of the
B/E: Fun and Games at the James ResidenceWarning: This story contains bondage. If you have a problem with that, leave now. You have been warned.
(Somewhere in the Pacific…)
“SO! YOU are the meddling snoop who has infiltrated my lair and tried to stop my EEEEEVIL plans!” Professor von DarkShadowMcEvilton gloated as his mooks taped up my wrists and ankles, “Well, you may count yourself lucky! For YOU… have the front row seat… FOR THE MOMENT WHEN I TOTALLY DOMINATE THE WORLD!”  
“Ah! Keep talking, you megalomaniacal creep! Emmy will be here soon, and when I get free, I’ll kick your- mmph!” A dark red cloth was shoved into my mouth, and Professor von DarkShadowMcEvilton’s goons quickly followed up with strip after strip of grey duct tape.
“MMMPH!” I screamed at him through my gag.
“Not so smart now, eh?” Professor von DarkShadowMcEvilton leered as he turned and walked to his gigantic mind control laser, intent on global takeover.
Distant Shores Marius peered down intently at the bubbling potion in the beaker before him, his brow furrowed in concentration. He was a short, unassuming man in his late thirties with brown hair, a short beard and blue eyes, dressed in a grey smock stained by fumes from his potions. To look at him few would have realised that he was a wizard and alchemist.
Despite his knowledge of the mystic arts he preferred to live humbly in a simple cottage out in the countryside, far from the noise and crowds of city life. Right now he was in the place where he spent most of his time, his laboratory, where he mixed various potions.
“Careful now” he muttered to himself as he measured out a spoonful of powder. “Not too little, not too much.”
He hesitated a moment and then added some more powder. Then he held the spoon out over the beaker and let it fall into the potion.
BOOM! There was a sudden loud bang and a cloud of smoke flew up into his face. He stumbled back coughing and splutte
The Procrastinating DamselWorksville, a happy small little town full of great people who work day in and day out to make a nice quiet peaceful living. At least they were hard working till a twenty year old female named Procrasntina moved to town who had long shimmering blond hair usually wearing a white top with a brown skirt with black stockings with black boots.
She was a very innocent female, never meaning harm or to hurt even a fly but her actions brought much unknown grief to the town as for anyone who talks to her tends to procrastinate a lot.
As the sun shined on another beautiful day Procrasntina made her way from her small home on the outskirts of town towards town and on her way she walk past the carpenter who was outside making some chairs.
"Hello there Procrasntina." He called out to her as she waved and went over to talk to him and they talked for a few minutes.
"Nice talking to you." She said with a friendly wave as she went on her way.
"Nice kid." He said sitting on his house porch steps and yawn
Gag order by bachten2005 Great Escape by Walnutwilly Now What? by BellaJade Avid Reader - Coloured Version by ChrisHarbinger Careful What You Wish For... by perpetualdamsel Happy Birthday Mr. Bond by Snapdragonparadise Mayoral Elections by Walnutwilly ToA: A Journey's Beginning (A Dozen Damsel story)Near the outer most borders of Ularemma...
Captain Mamilia Alypia stared angrily at her lieutenant who stood at attention before her doing her best not to look into her captain’s eyes.
A decorated warrior of 15 years, Mamilia is a stern looking woman with angular features and a hawkish nose. Her long brown hair was done up in a professionally braided bun with two more thin braids hanging by her cheeks. They were both weighted down with beads of various colors and sizes indicting her many accolades as a warrior for the Queendom of Ularemma. Her armor was standard issue bronze chest plate, greaves, bracers, and a thigh length under dress with a red trim. She also wore a bright red cape as befitting of her rank connected with a brooch stamped with the image of High Matriarch Sempronia Fundania III as well as a plumed helmet which was currently tucked underneath her arm. Her standard 14 inch diameter shield was strapped to her left forearm while her left hand was planted on he
Sassy and Reeow Ransom by DamselComics Bluebell VS the Gnome Fellas by erikson1 XNALara - Guess who's coming to dinner? - 2 by napdog86 Metamorphmagus in a Mess by erikson1 The Night Before ChristmasWith apologies to Charles Clement Moore
Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.
My wrists had been tied together with care,
And I was sitting wishing my rescuer was there.
I had retired to slumber, to a night free of dread,
As my sister was sleeping in her own little bed.
The presents were wrapped and under the tree,
Waiting for the dawn and opening with glee.
When through the still night there came such a clatter,
I woke in my bed and wondered what was the matter.
Thinking our cat had knocked over a glass;
over my nightdress I put a gown and tied round a sash.
As I descended the stairs by the light of the moon,
I realised that I had blamed the cat too soon.
For next to the tree, I could see with some dread,
there stood a large man, but not dressed in red.
Black was his garb, from head to toe,
And with a stocking mask, so his face did not show.
He turned and saw me, stood there in a dream,
then he said "You come here,"
Getting to Know MonarchGetting to Know Monarch
"Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen…" A very attractive woman with dark auburn, red hair wearing a light, green dress sitting on a living room chair of the on stage living room greeted with a smile showing off her perfect, white teeth. "I am Kathy Summers and welcome back to another episode of Chatting with Kathy." She waited for the audience that consisted mostly of women to stop applauding and settle down before continuing. "Today we have a very special guest today. She foiled the robbery at the Sunset Museum, caught the mad professor behind the gassing of Twilight University, and is a real, upcoming superhero. Please welcome Monarch!"
The audience cheered as Monarch entered from the side of the stage with a big grin on her face. Just smile and wave. She thought nervously waving to the crowd as she made her way across the stage and sitting down on the couch across from Kathy.
"Welcome to the show." Kathy greeted pleasantly.
"Happy to be here Ms. S
Me and That Guy Over There- My BiographyMY REAL SELF
---Personal Info---
Full Name: My first name is Alexander. That’s all.
Nickname: Alex
Age: Not saying anything, except that’s I’m young.
Weight: I honestly don’t know. I’m decent, though.
Height: 5’11”
Birthday: July 20th. That’s all you’re getting.
Nationality: Canadian
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Likes: Video games, watching anime, listening to music, browsing art sites, browsing the internet, writing fanfiction, Japanese culture, swimming, water polo, and cooking. Yeah.
Dislikes: Obnoxious and/or rude people, loud noises, boredom, and things that frustrate me.
Around other people, I’m typically a shy, quiet, and reserved individual who rarely talks to anyone he doesn’t know. However, when around people I consider my friends, or my family, or just people who I’m comfortable with in general, is when I reveal my true self. When I reveal my true self, I’m much more ta

Again, a big thank you to everyone who has supported us these past three years!
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The Damsels Dozen is a perpetual challenge run by the group.  Looking for a bit of inspiration?  We invite you to peruse this list:

1.   A clever escape
2.   A daring rescue
3.   Things aren't quite what they seem
4.   Lost and found
5.   Turning the tables
6.   A sticky situation
7.   Fun and games
8.   Revenge
9.   On vacation
10. Caught in the act
11. Obsession
12. Non-human damsel

More information can be found in the group journal.  Any questions can be directed in a comment or note to the group.
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boundbymywords Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Hello!  I wanted to submit a Lara Croft fan-fiction to the group, but I wasn't sure if it broke the rules of submission or not.  My story is here:…

The only part that makes me think it might be rejected is at the end of the first scene.  Could you please let me know if it would be accepted if I submitted here?  Thanks! :)
Created-By-Caz Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2013  Hobbyist Writer

I'm afraid we wouldn't be able to accept this story.  To start with, if a story needs a tag warning of nudity, violence, gore and strong language, we would automatically decline it.  Having looked at the beginning of the story, your mention of a battered and bruised damsel was enough to convince me that, even without the mature tag, this would not be suitable for the group. 


boundbymywords Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Technically the first scene is a nightmare Lara is having, but I can understand if that would still be inappropriate.  Also, I forgot to take the warning tag off.  Most of my work is mature, but this one is meant to be a little more light-hearted.  There is no gore, strong language, or nudity.  The only thing that might be considered violent is the part where the antagonist is about to stab Lara, but that's when she awakes from the dream.  But if that is still inappropriate I can understand.  Thank you for taking the time to reply! :)
Created-By-Caz Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Even though it was a dream, the level of the violence would have been inappropriate.  Also, reading down further, there is a scene with Lara in a bikini - this would also break our rules on nudity/partial nudity as unfortunately, since we don't allow underwear, we also had to include bikinis to stop members from trying to bypass the rules.  A shame, but we set up the group to show that DiD could be enjoyed for it's fun, adventurous, romantic side without the need for pain, humiliation, nudity, panty shots, etc and so have to try to enforce the rules fairly to all.
(1 Reply)
Wright805 Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
An interesting group you have here. One thing I'd like to point out though is you need to do something about the submission rules. The words extend outside the borders and there's no scroll bar so it's hard to make out what the sentences say.
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